Conference dates

3rd and 4th October 2015

Purpose of the conference

  • Introduce Image Medicine as one of the most effective healing methods, to demonstrate the perspective of its future development by way of integration of ancient techniques with the results of modern research,
  • Extend awareness about Traditional Chinese Medicine and related methods of health recovery and organism regulation ,
  • Contribute to creation of conditions of intrastate as well as international cooperation in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine and affined healing methods by means of discussion and experience sharing.

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Conference topics

  1. Image Medicine
  2. Traditional Chinese Medicine
  3. Qigong Medicine
  4. Zhong Yuan Qigong
  5. Related (similar) therapies

We are inviting

  • Conventional and alternative medicine professionals,
  • Medical staff of universities and clinics,
  • Representatives of international and national health and educational institutions,
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists,
  • Image Medicine therapists,
  • Instructors and practitioners of Zhong Yuan Qigong,
  • Students of medical schools and other helping professions,
  • All who are interested in a study and practice of natural healing therapies and self-regulation.

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Conference languages

  • Conference will be held in the following languages: Slovak, English, Chinese, Hungarian and Russian,
  • Interpretation will be provided within the frame of specified conference languages.

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