The Bian Que school achieved its greatest success in the era of Warring States and dynasties Qin and Han. In this period there were several medical directions / schools at the same time, they led discussions and respected each other.

History of Chinese medicine indicates that the school of Bian Que and the school of the Yellow Emperor had their own formed places in its history, they influenced each other but also went through a difficult period of ascensions and falls.

In the era of Warring States and dynasty Han (5th cent. B.C. – 3rd cent. A.D.) the school of Bian Que held a significant and advantageous position. During the reign of dynasties Jin (晋), Wei (魏) and period of Southern and Northern dynasties (Nan Bei Chao / 南北朝 ) (3rd – 6th cent. A.D.) both schools acquired equal expansion and were equivalent.

Bian Que lieči princeznú

Bian Que is healing a princess

After the fall of dynasties Sui (随) and Tang (唐) (6th – 10th cent. A.D.) the school of Bian Que started to lose its position and influence whereas the school of the Yellow Emperor rapidly swung up and reached a “medical heaven”.

In December 2013, in the province of Sichuan (四川), in the city of Chengdu (成都), 920 pieces of bamboo wafers and 50 pieces of wooden cards, with more than twenty thousand signs of text, were discovered during an archeological excavation. The experts in the area confirmed that the found medical text belongs to classical works of the Bian Que school.

Bian Que is an ancestor of all doctors who achieved exceptionality in the area of pulse diagnostics. There exist premises on the basis of which it can be established that the inventor and founder of the pulse diagnostics is actually he. „This time we have discovered or repeatedly found and confirmed that Chinese medical school of Bian Que is an old good classic” stated the text from the archeological discovery.

Bian Que diagnostikuje cisára pohľadom

Bian Que is diagnosing the Emperor at a glance

Director of the Archeological Research Institute in the Sichuan province Gao Dalun (高大伦) acclaimed that is is very important the the spirit of Bian Que is here and was present throughout the long history.

Chrám Bien Que

Bian Que Temple in province Shan Xi, China

Scientific research of Bian Que school.