Speakers and guests

Key speakers

Xu Mingtang (USA) – Current main representative of Image Medicine in the world; founder of Beijing Kundawell Medical Institute; Grandmaster of Qigong; Professor of TCM, Visiting Professor of TCM University in Guanxi

Xu MingtangJPG

Dong Zhi Lin (Netherlands) –  Director of Chinese Medical Centre  – CMC Tasly Group BV. Vice President of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS),  President of Special Committee  of Trade Services for WFCMS, President of Pan European Federation of TCM Societies (PEFOTS) and President of Association of TCM in the Netherlands.









Presentation topic: TCM Education in Europe.

Special guests

Darina Sedlakova (Slovakia) – Director of World Health Organization Country Office in the Slovak Republic, Medical doctor

MUDr Sedlakova


Shi Yanlin (China) – Vice-principal of Shaolin Monastery and Head of Shaolin Monastery Medical Centre


Presentation topic: Shaolin Buddhist Medicine

Speakers and guests will be added continuously, follow the site regularly!


Edgars Vasilevskis (Latvia) – Medical doctor, Anaesthesiologist, Riga Stradins University, Riga Stradins University Hospital, Pain Department


Presentation topic: First results of controlled Image Medicine clinical study performed in four disease groups: arterial hypertension, bronchial asthma, 2. type diabetes and migraine. The study is being carried out in Latvia  (April – August 2015) with participation of Image Medicine therapists from 4 countries.

Antra Briede (Latvia) – medical doctor, involved with orthomolecular medicine. Her presentation is a follow up to Edgars Vasilevskis’s presentation of the results of the first clinical research of treatment of diseases by Image Medicine that is be carried out in Latvia. Latvian ZYQ association, Endocrinology centre of University Hospital Stradins in Riga and Beijing Kundawell Medical Institute are taking part.

Antra Briede






Presentation topic: Possibilities and problems organizing the Image Medicine research project in Western medicine clinics.

Karel Nespor (Czech Reublic) – MD, PhD, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Department of Addictive Diseases, Psychiatric Hospital Prague. He has written more than 30 books about the treatment of addictions, yoga, relaxation and psychotherapy, two books of poems and hundreds of medical papers. He used to be the national counterpart for the WHO European Alcohol Action Plan for the Czech Republic.

Dr Nespor





Presentation topic: Qigong and Sobriety

Patrik Zingor (Slovak Republic) – performing massages for 15 years. He is currently working at Terra Medica clinic in Bratislava. He was originally doing reflex therapy. Later, after completing the Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) 1st level seminar which changed his perspective on life and self, he studied Chinese Tuina massage. As his personal practice became deeper, by completing further ZYQ seminars as well as Image Medicine, and by practicing regularly, his work as a masseur and the way he is conducting the massages changed in an interesting manner.

Patrik Zingor

Presentation topic: Massages and images

Romana Zerolova (Slovak R, France) – Romana lives in France. It was in this country where she was also treated for a serious illness –  S.A.P.H.O. syndrome – a type of bone cancer. S.A.P.H.O. syndrome is a rare genetic degenerative disease of inflammatory character, by classical medicine defined as incurable. Thanks to this diagnosis and other associated problems she qualified for partial disability pension and had to take opium derivates in the strongest allowed version. In 2013 she started practicing Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ), today she is considered, from the point of view of classical medicine, healthy .

Zerolova R

Presentation topic: Cure from S.A.P.H.O. syndrome by ZYQ practice

Marina Haternova (Moldavia) – 3rd level Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) instructor with a right to lead retreats. In her work as an instructor she is also teaching children. Training of children is a very interesting yet challenging work. It requires a lot of attention, creativity and deep understanding of children’s psychology.


Presentation topic: Experience from teaching ZYQ to children, mind images supporting development of children’s abilities

Alexandrs Busse (Latvia) – instructor (teaching 3 levels, with a right to lead retreats). He is performing Image Medicine healing since 2001 and studied it professionally in Beijing Kundawell Medical InstituteChairman of Latvian ZYQ Association and a member of Latvian Association of Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy.


Presentation topic: Treatment of digestive disorders by Image Medicine.

The workshop will provide demonstrations of Image Medicine diagnostics (palm, pulse and mind images) as well as TCM (tongue, nails, skin). A healing strategy, encompassing methods of IM a TCM, including dietary recommendations received by using image diagnostics, will be presented.

Conference will also be attended by research workers of Beijing Kundawell Medical Institute and other representatives of Chinese organizations in the area of TCM. The results of treatment and research work of various experts from many countries of the world will be presented.

Workshops will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with unique and effective methods of Image Medicine and Zhong Yuan Qigong on a practical level.