Way of thinking in IM

Way of thinking in IM

IM is a science based on image thinking and on the model of life consisting of matter, energy and information where the main diagnostic tool is an image.

Image thinking is a term explaining that thoughts create a changing picture in the human brain from which an image is created. This kind of thinking is not dependent on education. It is a original way of thinking or primal thinking which is present in any child immediately after birth.

It is present regardless of the fact whether the person is or is not receiving information from the environment. Image thinking is a thinking of a newborn, it is that type of thinking that exists in the human brain before it has acquired any cultural or social experience.

Comparison of a congenital and acquired logical thinking  

For a human to be able to cultivate an analytical thinking it is necessary to complete various levels and types of education. By this way the logical thinking is being strengthened and the image thinking is being weakened. Both of these forms of thinking are needed, the human being is not able to function without them.

Images we see in our dreams are evidence of the activity of our image thinking. It can be said that everybody is using the image thinking every day without realising it.

Spiaca zena

IM engages itself in prophylactic and healing activity. In the process of practical use of image thinking, transmitting and receiving of information, abilities are being formed in the students. They are able to visualise the images better and also give off the information in the form of the images.

History of Bian Que school and Image medicine.